Source code for materials_commons.cli.parser

import argparse
import imp
import os
import sys
from io import StringIO

import materials_commons.api as mcapi

from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.clone import clone_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.config import config_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.dataset import DatasetSubcommand
# from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.diff import diff_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.down import down_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.expt import ExptSubcommand
# from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.fetch import fetch_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.init import init_subcommand
from import ls_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.mkdir import mkdir_subcommand
from import mv_subcommand
# from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.proc import ProcSubcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.proj import ProjSubcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.remote import remote_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.rm import rm_subcommand
# from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.samp import SampSubcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.globus import globus_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.up import up_subcommand
from materials_commons.cli.subcommands.versions import versions_subcommand

import materials_commons.cli.functions as clifuncs
from materials_commons.cli.user_config import Config
from materials_commons.cli.exceptions import MCCLIException, MissingRemoteException, \
    MultipleRemoteException, NoDefaultRemoteException

standard_usage = [
    {'name': 'remote', 'desc': 'List servers', 'subcommand': remote_subcommand},
    {'name': 'proj', 'desc': 'List projects', 'subcommand': ProjSubcommand()},
    {'name': 'dataset', 'desc': 'List datasets', 'subcommand': DatasetSubcommand()},
    {'name': 'expt', 'desc': 'List experiments', 'subcommand': ExptSubcommand()},
    {'name': 'init', 'desc': 'Initialize a new project', 'subcommand': init_subcommand},
    {'name': 'clone', 'desc': 'Clone an existing project', 'subcommand': clone_subcommand},
    {'name': 'ls', 'desc': 'List directory contents', 'subcommand': ls_subcommand},
    {'name': 'mkdir', 'desc': 'Make directories', 'subcommand': mkdir_subcommand},
    {'name': 'rm', 'desc': 'Remove files and directories', 'subcommand': rm_subcommand},
    {'name': 'mv', 'desc': 'Move files', 'subcommand': mv_subcommand},
    # {'name': 'diff', 'desc': 'Compare local and remote files', 'subcommand': diff_subcommand},
    # {'name': 'fetch', 'desc': 'Remote data fetching and configuration', 'subcommand': fetch_subcommand},
    {'name': 'up', 'desc': 'Upload files', 'subcommand': up_subcommand},
    {'name': 'down', 'desc': 'Download files', 'subcommand': down_subcommand},
    {'name': 'globus', 'desc': 'Manage Globus uploads and downloads', 'subcommand': globus_subcommand},
    {'name': 'versions', 'desc': 'List file versions', 'subcommand': versions_subcommand},
    # {'name': 'templates', 'desc': 'List process templates', 'subcommand': TemplatesSubcommand()},
    # {'name': 'proc', 'desc': 'List processes', 'subcommand': ProcSubcommand()},
    # {'name': 'samp', 'desc': 'List samples', 'subcommand': SampSubcommand()},
    {'name': 'config', 'desc': 'Configure `mc`', 'subcommand': config_subcommand}
standard_interfaces = {d['name']: d for d in standard_usage}

developer_usage = [
    # {'name': 'actions', 'desc': 'List REST API actions', 'subcommand': ActionsSubcommand()}

[docs]def make_parser(custom_interfaces={}, developer_interfaces={}): usage_help = StringIO() usage_help.write("mc <command> [<args>]\n\n") usage_help.write("The standard mc commands are:\n") for name, interface in standard_interfaces.items(): usage_help.write(" {:10} {:40}\n".format(name, interface['desc'])) # read custom interfaces from config file if len(custom_interfaces): usage_help.write("\nSpecialized commands are:\n") for name, interface in custom_interfaces.items(): usage_help.write(" {:10} {:40}\n".format(name, interface['desc'])) # hide from most users if len(developer_interfaces): usage_help.write("\nDeveloper commands are:\n") for name, interface in developer_interfaces.items(): usage_help.write(" {:10} {:40}\n".format(name, interface['desc'])) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='Materials Commons command line interface', usage=usage_help.getvalue()) parser.add_argument('command', help='Subcommand to run') return parser
[docs]def main(argv=None, working_dir=None): if argv is None: argv = sys.argv if working_dir is None: working_dir = os.getcwd() try: config = Config() if config.REST_logging: mcapi.Client.set_debug_on() pass custom_interfaces = {d['name']: d for d in config.interfaces} developer_interfaces = {} if config.developer_mode: developer_interfaces = {d['name']: d for d in developer_usage} parser = make_parser(custom_interfaces, developer_interfaces) if len(argv) < 2: parser.print_help() return # parse_args defaults to [1:] for args, but you need to # exclude the rest of the args too, or validation will fail args = parser.parse_args(argv[1:2]) if args.command in standard_interfaces: result = standard_interfaces[args.command]['subcommand'](argv[2:], working_dir) return result elif args.command in custom_interfaces: # load module and run command modulename = custom_interfaces[args.command]['module'] subcommandname = custom_interfaces[args.command]['subcommand'] f, filename, description = imp.find_module(modulename) try: module = imp.load_module(modulename, f, filename, description) result = getattr(module, subcommandname)(argv[2:], working_dir) finally: if f: f.close() return result elif args.command in developer_interfaces: result = developer_interfaces[args.command]['subcommand'](argv[2:], working_dir) return result else: print('Unrecognized command') parser.print_help() return 1 except MissingRemoteException as e: print("Error:", e) clifuncs.print_remote_help() return 1 except MultipleRemoteException as e: print("Error:", e) print('** Please edit .mc/config.json to include `"remote":{"mcurl": "' + data['remote_url'] + '", "email": "YOUR_EMAIL_HERE"}` **') return 1 except NoDefaultRemoteException as e: print("Error:", e) print("Set the default remote with:") print(" mc remote --set-default EMAIL URL") clifuncs.print_remote_help() return 1 except MCCLIException as e: print("CLI Error:", e) return 1 except mcapi.MCAPIError as e: import json print("API Error:", e) print("Writing error message to 'mcapi_error.json'") with open('mcapi_error.json', 'w') as f: json.dump(e.response.json(), f, indent=2) return 1