Source code for materials_commons.cli.subcommands.clone

import argparse
import json
import os
import sys

import materials_commons.api as mcapi
import materials_commons.cli.functions as clifuncs

[docs]def make_parser(): """Make argparse.ArgumentParser for `mc clone`""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='Clone an existing project', prog='mc clone') parser.add_argument('id', help='Project id') clifuncs.add_remote_option(parser, 'Remote to clone project from') return parser
[docs]def clone_subcommand(argv, working_dir): """ 'Clone' a project, i.e. set the local directory tree where files should be uploaded/downloaded. Creates a '.mc/config.json'. mc clone <projid> [--remote <remotename>] """ parser = make_parser() args = parser.parse_args(argv) # get remote, from command line option or default remote_config = clifuncs.optional_remote_config(args) project_id = parent_dest = working_dir proj = clifuncs.clone_project(remote_config, project_id, parent_dest) # done print("Cloned project from", remote_config.mcurl, "to", proj.local_path) clifuncs.print_projects([proj])