Source code for materials_commons.cli.subcommands.up

import argparse
import os
import sys
import time

import materials_commons.cli.exceptions as cliexcept
import materials_commons.cli.functions as clifuncs
import materials_commons.cli.globus as cliglobus
import materials_commons.cli.file_functions as filefuncs
import materials_commons.cli.tree_functions as treefuncs
from materials_commons.cli.treedb import LocalTree, RemoteTree

[docs]def make_parser(): """Make argparse.ArgumentParser for `mc up`""" mc_up_description = "Upload files to Materials Commons" mc_up_usage = """ mc up [-r] [--no-compare] [--limit] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...] mc up -g [-r] [--no-compare] [--label] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...]""" globus_help = """Use globus to upload files. Uses the current active upload or creates a new upload. Use `globus task list` to monitor transfer tasks. Use `mc globus upload` to manage uploads.""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description=mc_up_description, usage=mc_up_usage, prog='mc up') parser.add_argument('paths', nargs='*', default=None, help='Files or directories') parser.add_argument('-r', '--recursive', action="store_true", default=False, help='Upload directory contents recursively') parser.add_argument('--limit', nargs=1, type=float, default=[50], help='File size upload limit (MB). Default=50MB. Does not apply to Globus uploads.') parser.add_argument('-g', '--globus', action="store_true", default=False, help=globus_help) parser.add_argument('--label', nargs=1, type=str, help='Globus transfer label to make finding tasks simpler. Default is `<project name>-<upload name>.') parser.add_argument('--no-compare', action="store_true", default=False, help='Upload without checking if remote is equivalent.') parser.add_argument('--upload-as', nargs=1, default=None, help='Upload to a different location than standard upload. Specified as if it were a local path.') return parser
[docs]def up_subcommand(argv, working_dir): """ upload files to Materials Commons mc up [-r] [--no-compare] [--limit] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...] mc up -g [-r] [--no-compare] [--label] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...] """ parser = make_parser() args = parser.parse_args(argv) proj = clifuncs.make_local_project(working_dir) pconfig = clifuncs.read_project_config(proj.local_path) remotetree = None if pconfig.remote_updatetime: remotetree = RemoteTree(proj, pconfig.remote_updatetime) # validate if args.upload_as and len(args.paths) != 1: print("--upload-as option acts on 1 file or directory, received", len(args.paths)) raise cliexcept.MCCLIException("Invalid upload request") if args.upload_as and args.globus: print("--upload-as option is not supported with --globus") raise cliexcept.MCCLIException("Invalid upload request") upload_as = None if args.upload_as: upload_as = treefuncs.clipaths_to_mcpaths(proj.local_path, args.upload_as, working_dir)[0] if args.globus: mcpaths = treefuncs.clipaths_to_mcpaths(proj.local_path, args.paths, working_dir) all_uploads = { for upload in proj.remote.get_all_globus_upload_requests(} globus_upload_id = None if pconfig.globus_upload_id: globus_upload_id = pconfig.globus_upload_id if globus_upload_id not in all_uploads: print("Current globus upload (name=?, id=" + str(globus_upload_id) + ") no longer exists.") globus_upload_id = None if globus_upload_id is None: name = clifuncs.random_name() upload = proj.remote.create_globus_upload_request(, name) print("Created new globus upload (name=" + + ", id=" + str( + ").") pconfig.globus_upload_id = else: upload = all_uploads[globus_upload_id] print("Using current globus upload (name=" + + ", id=" + str( + ").") if upload.status != 2: # TODO clean up status code / message raise cliexcept.MCCLIException("Current Globus upload (id=" + str(globus_upload_id) + ") not ready for uploading.") label = + "-" + if args.label: label = args.label[0] globus_ops = cliglobus.GlobusOperations() task_id = globus_ops.upload_v0(proj, mcpaths, upload, working_dir, recursive=args.recursive, label=label) if task_id: print("Globus transfer task initiated.") print("Use `globus task list` to monitor task status.") print("Use `mc globus upload` to manage Globus uploads.") print("Multiple transfer tasks may be initiated.") print("When all tasks finish uploading, use `mc globus upload --id " + str( + " --finish` " + "to import all uploaded files into the Materials Commons project.") else: localtree = None if not args.no_compare: localtree = LocalTree(proj.local_path) treefuncs.standard_upload(proj, args.paths, working_dir, recursive=args.recursive, limit=args.limit[0], no_compare=args.no_compare, upload_as=upload_as, localtree=localtree, remotetree=remotetree) return