Source code for materials_commons.cli.tmp_functions

"""Temporary functions"""
import json
import os.path
from import Iterable
from materials_commons.cli.exceptions import MCCLIException

[docs]def get_dataset(client, project_id, dataset_id): """Temporary workaround because Client.get_dataset is returning the wrong dataset""" dataset = client.get_dataset(project_id, dataset_id) dataset.project_id = project_id # TODO: update when project_id returned add_owner(client, dataset) # TODO: update when owner returned as object return dataset
def _add_owner(client, obj): if hasattr(obj, 'owner'): return elif hasattr(obj, 'owner_id'): if not hasattr(client, '_users_by_id') or obj.owner_id not in client._users_by_id: users = client.list_users() client._users_by_id = { for u in users} if obj.owner_id not in client._users_by_id: raise MCCLIException("Could not find owner_id:" + str(owner_id)) obj.owner = client._users_by_id[obj.owner_id] else: raise MCCLIException("Object does not have owner or owner_id")
[docs]def add_owner(client, objects): """Add 'owner' based on 'owner_id' Args: client (materials_commons.api.Client): Materials Commons Client objects (object or Iterable of objects): Objects with 'owner_id' Notes: This will create a cache, client._user_by_id, a dict of owner_id:materials_commons.api.User. """ if isinstance(objects, Iterable): for obj in objects: _add_owner(client, obj) else: _add_owner(client, objects)