mc ls

List local & remote directory contents

usage: mc ls [-h] [--checksum] [--json] [--dataset DATASET_ID] [--include] [--exclude] [--clear] [paths ...]

Positional Arguments


Files or directories

Default: [‘/Users/bpuchala/Work/codes/mccli’]

Named Arguments


Calculate MD5 checksum for local files

Default: False


Print JSON exactly

Default: False


Specify a dataset to act on.

Default: “”


Include files and directories in the specified dataset. Including a directory includes all files and sub-directories recursively, unless prevented by –exclude.

Default: False


Exclude file and directories from the specified dataset. Excluding prevents inclusion of files and directories that would otherwise be included due to a higher-level directory being included.

Default: False


Clear files and directories from the include/exclude selection lists of the specified dataset. A file or directory may still be included in or excluded from the dataset afterwards if a higher level directory is included or excluded

Default: False