mc up

Upload files to Materials Commons

    mc up [-r] [--no-compare] [--limit] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...]
    mc up -g [-r] [--no-compare] [--label] <pathspec> [<pathspec> ...]

Positional Arguments


Files or directories

Named Arguments

-r, --recursive

Upload directory contents recursively

Default: False


File size upload limit (MB). Default=50MB. Does not apply to Globus uploads.

Default: [50]

-g, --globus
Use globus to upload files. Uses the current active upload or creates a new upload.

Use globus task list to monitor transfer tasks. Use mc globus upload to manage uploads.

Default: False


Globus transfer label to make finding tasks simpler. Default is `<project name>-<upload name>.


Upload without checking if remote is equivalent.

Default: False


Upload to a different location than standard upload. Specified as if it were a local path.